This Market update covers:

  • Market OverviewWhere are we heading?
  • Metaverse tokens182 x in just a 12 Month Cycle for SAND called for Members- what is the next SAND?
  • NFL NFT’s
  • Trade updatesTrading Group flying
  • Top 1% of NFT’s we are buying this week with massive ROI potential!
  • Ripple and XRP NewsCase update and more!
  • New Token?



Market Overview–

Daily Trading volume is still magnitudes greater than before start of 2020 Bull run

Is it still a good time to invest? where is the market heading on the basis of probabilities?

Metaverse tokens

NFL NFT waitlist link

We are officially on the waitlist for NFL x DapperLabs! NFT’s! 🏈

Make sure you sign up too and get EARLY ACCESS🙌

Trade updates– Market flatlining(basis of probabilities will go higher coming days) opportunity to trade- XRP Trade still currently live- keep eye on group over coming days for trades

Top 1% of NFT’s we are buying this week with massive ROI potential!

Members Only Telegram Link-

Ripple and XRP News

Ripple has had a blockbuster year with ODL expansion & MENA traction, gearing up to hire a few hundred people next year to fuel their growth.

Invest in Ripple pre ipo here-

Another one on the books!

Ripple announce partnership with the Republic of Palau to explore the country’s first national digital currency using the XRP Crypto Asset on the XRPL in World’s first government-backed national stablecoin.

Palau chose Ripple because of its extensive experience in blockchain and building global payment systems, and the XRP Ledger because it’s carbon-neutral and 120,000x more energy-efficient than proof-of-work blockchains. What’s more, the XRPL provides significant benefits such as scalability, speed and low cost. 

The XRP Ledger provides financial institutions and government bodies such as Palau the ability to fully settle transactions for fractions of a penny and in just 3-5 seconds. To date, more than 5,400 currencies have been issued and traded on the XRP Ledger via its integrated decentralized exchange (DEX) and custom token functionality that makes it easy to create, issue and manage any asset—including stablecoins.

Case update!

  • Ripple is making “good progress” in its legal feud with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, CEO Brad Garlinghouse said.
  • Garlinghouse expects the case will likely reach a conclusion next year.

SportsIcon tokens

$ICONS goes live- will we enter?

Any questions please let me know! Thank you as always for the support, exciting times ahead!

Thank you!

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