CryptoClear was developed out of a passion to make Crypto Asset investing and trading clear for everyone.

Through our years of experience as a long time investor and trader in the Crypto Asset Market we have developed an Exclusive Members Area that provides you with all the knowledge to become a confident and successful long term investor and Trader in the Crypto Asset Market.

Both the Crypto Investing and Trading Guides provide you with the complete A to Z of everything you need to know. You also get access to our portfolio which has increased by 1000s of % in this bull run alone and 10,000s of % from 2015 with much more growth to come! Join over 200 Members on CryptoClear with all 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Reviews and get access to our A-Z Trading and Investing Guides, Investment Portfolio and much more!
The Cryptocurrency market is still in its infancy stage and it is a matter of WHEN not IF the Crypto Asset market will mature- It is a matter of WHEN not IF an increase in value of the top 1% of Crypto Assets will occur. Get a head start and begin investing today! 
About our CEO and Founder, Johnny McCamley
Johnny McCamley first got involved in the Crypto Asset space by buying bitcoin back in December of 2015, when he was just 17. Johnny then continued to buy Bitcoin and explored other Crypto Assets such as Ethereum shortly after, then many other “altcoins”.
Today, Johnny focuses on both Trading and Investing in the Crypto Asset Market as well as NFTs, Metaverse and more! Johnny’s Crypto Asset Portfolio has increased by over 10,000s of % from 2015 and 1000s of % in the current bull cycle with much more growth to come. Johnny thrives on finding hidden gems in the Crypto Asset space, finding a 120x Investment less than 2 years ago and this is just 1 of 15 Crypto Assets Johnny invests in on a weekly basis via his Investment Plan.
Johnny also Trades in the Crypto Asset Market with the last trade coming in at 380% ROI in just a 5 week window.
You can get access to the Investing and Trading Plan along with 2 Exclusive Group – one Including a Group to follow Johnny’s Trades. You can get access to all this and much more by signing up to our Exclusive Investor and Trader Community on CryptoClear- here.
Plans for the Future
We have big plans for the future of CryptoClear, some exciting products include:
  • Crypto Asset Fund
  • Crypto Asset Exchange
  • and more which we will keep under wraps for now!