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CrypoClear Recovery is the trusted name in crypto-asset recovery. We can help you recover all your crypto assets including Nodes, Bitcoin, Ethereum, NFTs and Altcoins.

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Enter your email address below. We will send you a form to fill out to gather more information about your case and help us understand how best to recover your assets.

How does it work?

  1. You submit the details of your case and how your crypto was lost or stolen.
  2. We pass the report onto our team of experts who analyse the best way to recover your assets.
  3. Our team contacts you to explain a plan of action and assist in the recovery of the lost or stolen assets.

Frequently asked questions

What is CryptoClear Recovery?

Crypto Clear Recovery is dedicated to victims of cybercrimes and companies related to asset recovery. Upon completion of the case form our recovery team will assess if we can help you recover your assets. However, we cannot guarantee that we can help with every case. If we decide we cannot help with a case, there will be no charge.

Why is it worth filling in the case form and trying to recover your assets?

There is one simple reason for submitting a claim; if you submit a claim, your crypto assets may be recovered. Our team is devoted to helping victims of cybercrime.

How do I submit a case form?

  1. Submit your email address on our website
  2. We will send you the case form to fill out and allow you to explain in detail how your assets were stolen.
  3. When you return the form, our recovery team will assess the information you given us
  4. We will be in touch to confirm if we can help within 30 days. (If we cannot help there will be no charge for the service)

Why is it difficult to recover stolen crypto assets?

Please be aware that Crypto Clear Recovery is a technology company that uses its various strategies to trace the paths of stolen crypto assets. To recover the stolen crypto the victim must to cooperate with legal offices and with our recovery team.
Please be aware recovery of stolen crypto is a complicated process and it requires the cooperation of law enforcement and legal offices, (often from different and/or various jurisdictions). Depending on the case, the process may include evidencing misappropriated funds, connecting with other victims, creating and filing a law suit, investigations, screening of servers and computers, helping law enforcement activities, interviews and recovery. Even when the total loss can be substantial, the case may not be feasible due to high expense of the litigation process.