What you need to know as an Investor and Trader in the Crypto Asset Market about the Cardano Summit 2021

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Key Points from Summit for you to know as an Investor and Trader in the Crypto Asset Market are:

  • Chainlink partnership– which will help feed quality data and help developers build accurate and feasible DeFi smart contracts. Meaning that DeFi on Cardano can be a frictionless operation for users and individuals– as it will mimic existing protocols on other chains.
  • EMURGO– will allocate $100 million in the Cardano ecosystem to hasten DeFi and NFT education in the space.- DeFi and DEXs are already being developed and perfected on Cardano as new development and updates are rolled out on the ecosystem.
  • Dish Network– would integrate with the blockchain. Specifically, Cardano will create a system for digital identities for Dish consumers.
  • Rival– an esports platform, to help develop an agnostic NFT marketplace that will expand in an ever growing market, where businesses or users can create, redeem, or transact digital goods in the form of NFTs.

Watch the short Video below on – Why a 20% decrease in Market Cap for Crypto in 24hrs is nothing to lose sleep over- Always Zoom out, think big picture and long term value.


This video was made back on the 11 January 2021 but is especially relevant today with the ~10% decrease in Market Capitalization of the Crypto Asset Market.

Back then XRP was valued at just $0.26, ADA $0.25 etc, Just goes to show always Zoom out, do not let your human emotions play games with you around day to day moves, focus on Month to Month, Year to year.

Our Investing Plan has increased 1000s of % in this cycle alone and 10,000s of % from 2015. With much more room for growth. take a look at our 1700% increase here.

ROI this bull cycle have been massive, but nothing compared to what is to come in the next 5-10 years with CBDCs coming in, Web3 and more.

Stick to the DCA plan remember it is impossible to time the market- https://lnkd.in/eQTPDETJ

Remember 1 day does not make a market zoom out, when you zoom out you can barely see todays ‘crash’

Always Zoom out, 1 day does not make a market

On basis on probabilities the Crypto Asset Market is still extremely bullish.

We always keep our Exclusive Community at CryptoClear 1 step ahead, by looking out for the latest investment to invest in for the best ROI.

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Any questions please let me know! Thank you as always for the support, we have had great feedback, exciting times ahead!

Thank you!

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