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NOTE: Please see below for Common Questions we get at CryptoClear- if you feel any questions should be added to this list- let us know by contacting me Johnny McCamley on any social media or via the email

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Question 1

Where can I find the Crypto Asset that you invest in?

You can find all the Crypto Asset that I currently invest in (on a weekly basis) and also Crypto Assets that I hold HERE!

Question 2

What are NFT’s?

For a complete breakdown and analysis on

1) What exactly are NFT’s?
2)Why they(some-1% of them- just like our top 1% of Crypto Assets) are worth an investment
3)What NFT’s have I invested in and why? Also future NFT’s I will be buying and why.


Question 3

Can you time the market for long term investing?

Simply put Timing the Market cannot be done for long term investing 99% of the time for long term investing, you will always be waiting for a dip(that will never be big enough for you to enter the market. See HERE!

Question 4

What is your exit strategy?

Please see the template Exit Plan HERE! You can download the Exit Plan and make your own! Please see the video on how to use the Exit plan if needed.

Also see Importance of assessing your own circumstances for taking profit HERE!

Question 5

Is it too late to get into some Crypto Assets?

Simply Put, NO. See HERE!

Question 6

XRP your views? Why is it your biggest holding?

I believe XRP will provide the greatest ROI out of all the Crypto Assets that I invest in (long term)- for a full video breakdown and also a fundamental report on XRP please see HERE!

Question 7

Why do you not store Crypto on exchanges? and what wallets to you use instead?

It is not safe or secure to store your Crypto Assets on exchanges- they are often hacked and your crypto will be stolen. Simply use either of these wallets to store your Crypto safely and securely:

Atomic Wallet

Ledger Nano X

Question 8

Where do I see the next area for crypto growth?

Simply- those areas and crypto assets that have a real life use case- without this they will not survive. For a full breakdown of what Crypto Assets I hold please see HERE!

Question 9

Tell me about CryptoClear?

Please see the short 3 MIN VIDEO HERE!

Question 10

Are there any new coins that could be huge over the next few years?

Yes, there are many new Crypto Assets I am doing my final few checks on- before investing in, I just added a new Crypto Asset last week:

If the Crypto Assets I am currently looking into- I consider a worthwhile Investment- Members will be first to know! and i will publish the asset(s) in the Members Area!

Thank you!

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