Earn passive rewards with our node set up service

At CryptoClear we offer a node setup service that involves a video call with a node expert to take you through step by step how to securely set up your node. Fill in the form below for more information.

Many people in the crypto world are familiar with crypto mining and the rewards that can be made from mining but what are nodes?

Blockchain nodes are among the blocks of data which form the blockchain. Nodes keep up-to-date copies of all blockchain transactions, an activity essential to the running of the blockchain. Nodes provide access points to blockchain applications. Nodes do not require hardware to run and can be run on small servers.

Several projects have now been launched which provide rewards to node operators. We offer expert services to help you set your node up with leading node providers.

Anyone can now run nodes, with no hardware required, which often provide lucrative rewards and an ongoing income.

A node may, for example, pay rewards of 1% per day of your original fee for leasing the node. This would mean you break even in 100 days. However, if you purchase your node for 1000 “nodecoin” (nodecoin doesn’t exist this is just an example!) and node coin is valued at $1 you would get back your $1000 investment and make over $3000 by the end of the year. However, if nodecoin increases in value over that time to $3 you would get back over $9,000 by end of year. If it increased to $10, you’d get over $30,000 by end of year. Nodes can also decrease in value as well, so please do your research before buying and remember this is not financial or investment advice.

At CryptoClear we understand that crypto can be complex and risky if you don’t know what you are doing. We will take you through setting up your node step by step, giving you the support of an expert and your peace of mind.

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