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What is the metaverse?

A virtual reality space into which users can log in and interact with one another using avatars(for now) to represent their real selves. A new world 100% virtual.

What is an NFT?

A NFT is a Non Fungible Token. It is a type of Crypto Asset in which each is unique whereas a fungible token is something like a pound coin or dollar bill. For example with a Fungible token, if you and I “throw” 1 dollar into a hat, I get your dollar and you get mine, we are still happy as they both have the same value as they are “fungible” – can be replaced with one another easily as they retain the same value as one another. Whereas with a Non-Fungible Token, If you and I “throw” 1 piece of tokenized art called “xyz” into a “hat”, I have edition #1/#10 and you have #8/#10. I get your piece of art and you get mine, you would be very happy but I wouldn’t be so happy as the value of my #1 edition would be more than the value of your #8 edition.

Why should you invest in the Metaverse?

Future growth.

It is a matter of WHEN not IF the Market Cap of Digital Art, digital real estate and more surpasses the physical Market Cap. Why?

  • Portability
  • Security
  • Authenticity
  • Metaverse expansion
  • Ease of Use
  • Monetization– for example you can collect royalties from you NFTs, rent from your Virtual Real estate and admission into events hosting on your land.
  • Limited number of plots of NFTs- such as land– once they are gone they’re gone! Premiums will be paid!

How are we investing?

  1. Crypto Assets, There are a number of Crypto Assets that are currently paving the way towards a metaverse. We are accumulating them now at the lows and have been for many years- check them out HERE! All still extremely undervalued.
  2. NFT’s– Digital Art, Real estate(which you can rent out), Collectables and more! View our full NFT collection HERE! All still extremely undervalued.

Also check out👇

Any questions check out FAQ page HERE! OR please let me know! Thank you as always for the support, we have had great feedback, exciting times ahead!

Thank you!

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